・R E ∆ L i † Y ・ IS ・ ∆N ・ ∆ R † ・ C ø L ø U R ・ ø U † S I D E ・ † H E ・ L I N E S ・

M Å N D Å L Å :  a circular figure representing the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism.

M U S E : a woman, or a force personified as a woman, who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.


Welcome to the magic of Mandalas... The key to doors you didn't remember existed and your backstage pass to your own dance with The Muse... The concept of Mandala Muse was born from the inner Universe of artist / musician Morgan Joanel and her own chaotic chameleon-like love affair with inspiration as she discovered the intuitive rhythm of mandalas after a bunch of sh*t went down in her life. Drawing these intricate and humbling designs began unlocking new perspectives in her already colourful reality. The fusion of Morgan’s passion for art, music and storytelling are evoked in this unique project, where you are invited backstage to discover and dance to the rhythm of your own Muse. 

Mandala Muse is the backstage pass to the greatest show on Earth… You.


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Custom Mandala Mural created for BODY ETHOS YOGA STUDIO in Balmain, Sydney 2016. Click here for info on how to book a mural commission with Morgan.

An introduction to The Artist from The Muse...
I was born in a crossfire hurricane... Somewhere over the rainbow and down the rabbit hole... A little while back, a girl turned up on my doorstep, said she blew in from reality, goes by the name of Morgan Joanel. She's been humming her way around, shadowing me, making music and art and drawing Mandalas. It seems she's done some cool things, like singing on big stadium stages to thousands of people with US superstars and working with Grammy nominated producers with a major label recording contract (apparently that's a big deal). She's designed fashion collections that have been stocked in Myer and for ZARA Stores worldwide and some group called MTV Style called her genius for her internationally acclaimed fashion blog MojoMade (again, a bit of a highlight). She's hand-made all these cool jewellery pieces for her own label Luxe Wild and has been making a living from her art for pretty much her whole life... She says she's gonna hang out here for a while, tell some stories, make some art, maybe sing a few tunes - and you're welcome to come and play with us. Who knows, you may just find the map to your own Universe.


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My 31 Day Mandala Trip

September 30, 2016

As I sat down to wrap this Mandala Trip up in a perfectly beautiful succinct package of a blogpost, I realised I'd be completely contradicting everything The Muse has shared with me... I wanted to be able to write a few words that summed it all up simply, but that would be missing the ENTIRE point of EVERYTHING EVER. Words are not enough for this, though they do play a starring role, they are only part of the whole experience. And this... this Mandala thing... is an experience.

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This is a Website About Mandalas - Or is It?

September 22, 2016

... So I picked up a pen and began to draw and suddenly found myself in the wings, completely unnoticed by The Muse.  I took my time learning how to dance to her rhythm instead of trying to force her into mine. And that is when I realised exactly where I found myself... backstage to the real show...

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