My 31 Day Mandala Trip

September 30, 2016

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As I sat down to wrap this Mandala Trip up in a perfectly beautiful succinct package of a blogpost, I realised I'd be completely contradicting everything The Muse has shared with me... I wanted to be able to write a few words that summed it all up simply, but that would be missing the ENTIRE point of EVERYTHING EVER. Words are not enough for this, though they do play a starring role, they are only part of the whole experience. And this... this Mandala thing... is an experience.

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... So I picked up a pen and began to draw and suddenly found myself in the wings, completely unnoticed by The Muse.  I took my time learning how to dance to her rhythm instead of trying to force her into mine. And that is when I realised exactly where I found myself... backstage to the real show...

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