Manifesting Mandala Readings

Take an Adventure into your wildest dreams, and remember that anything is possible...

What if the road to your wildest dreams isn't as long as you think it is? Think of this as a real-time-vision-board, where you aren't simply collecting pictures of what you want - you are actually creating the vision in your imagination. 

The truth is, we each know exactly how to get what we want, but most of the time  we can't see the forrest for the trees. We forget that everything we need to get what we want is right in front of us - so wouldn't it be nice to get a bird's eye view that reveals the shortcuts 


Via a Skype Call, we'll go on an adventure of your dreams and goals, helping you access the feelings that will allow you to manifest these things into your reality. As we talk, I guide a visualisation adventure to help open new perspectives for you. Whilst on the call, I draw an original, personal mandala artwork, embedded with your intentions and learnings. I'll then post the original to you along with a written guide for your forward momentum after the playdate. Your reading and the Mandala Artwork will continue to work at opening your perceptions for an extended period of time after the initial Playdate.



  • On the Skype call, as I'm drawing your Mandala we'll be chatting and I'll share insights, perspectives and guidance as it comes through

  • Your original Mandala Artwork will be posted to you within 7 days

  • You'll receive a digital image of your Mandala and an email affirmation and guidance plan along with any additional insights I find.


*Please note: You will own the piece of original art, but I, Morgan Joanel and Mandala Muse, own the copyright of the design. The art is intended for your personal use only. I will never use your personal mandala for anything commercial, yours will be the only copy. If you would like to use the art for commercial purposes (logos, prints, tattoos, t-shirts, merchandising, etc) please feel free to contact me about licensing the image at an additional cost. I also offer these options as custom works if that's what you're looking for. I appreciate your honesty and respect for my work and our energetic exchange xx