Skype Playdates


Most people believe in reality and in dreams, like these two things exist separately. I have danced my whole life in the space that exists between these two perceptions, and I’ve found there is so much more to the spectrum. If we’re talking the trip between Kansas and Oz - I ride both the Tornado and the Rainbow. And I’ve gathered a few tricks and tools to help you open those doors for your own adventure, whatever that may currently be.

I'm a girl from the suburbs of Perth who grew up performing on stage, in a home that encouraged curiosity and the exploration of esoteric and metaphysical knowledge. My education came in the form of painting, singing, dancing and whatever my imagination could dream up. As an only child I always knew my dreams were just behind another door, one that was off the beaten track...

I’m offering Skype Playdates as a way to give and share the perspectives and manifestation tools I’ve always used to bring big things into my life. If you're curious to dive deep into the waters of your own intuition and want to turn up the voltage on your experience of life - I would love to share the adventure with you. This isn’t about me telling you what you should do, this is about you unlocking the intuition you already have inside you - I may just shine a light on a door you forgot existed.

I am a Reality Artist, and I think you know that we’re already playing in the Big Playground...

How it works:

Our Skype Playdate can be centred around a specific focus, or a free-dive where we can locate what wishes to manifest through you. You should definitely prepare to have your mind opened. I use techniques that you can then learn to apply yourself. We can centre the playdates around brainstorming, advice, manifesting, setting intentions.

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Some noteworthy things I’ve attracted, just to give you a feel for the magic:

  • Global recording contract with Sony
  • Main support act on national tours for US & UK Superstars: Jason Derulo, Adam Lambert, Newton Faulkner
  • Designed a 14 piece Capsule Collection for an Australian label stocked in Myer and over 220 boutiques Australia wide and was the face of the campaign
  • Founded chameleon label Luxe Wild which launched with hand-made, wearable art pieces incorporating healing crystals and multi-ways-to-wear designs, worn by Mimi Elashiry and Jesinta Campbell.
  • Designs appeared in Famous Magazine AU
  • Walked the runway for Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Sydney
  • Won a $10,000 wardrobe for online retailer Market HQ
  • Appeared on T-Shirts in Zara stores globally